Devil Is Retired (Outro)

from Time Has Come by Official Lion of JudaH

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The devil is retired. Clear the darkness and seek the light. Bless'ed Love


Humble yourself, silence your mind
Comfort the baby, that lay wait inside
Scared, timid, alone and confused
For this little baby, is you when you were new
The mind of the baby will only
Comprehend from its insight
In the darkness of nothing
Shining the bright light
You drove nails into hands
And iron into his feet
The hammer slipped, his flesh was torn
Ripped like fresh meat
You fed him putrid drink
To numb pain YOU INSTILLED
You stabbed his body where
Blood and clean urine did spill
Starved, mutilated, mocked and destroyed
The temple that JaH gave him
You foolish mortals murdered a boy
Yet his spirit you cannot have
His soul and his passion
The Lion of JudaH will
Never submit to your transgressions
Call him a terrorist, I dare you
Say it out of your dirty mouths
Speak your peasantry to this Lion right now
For your demons and your evil
I exorcise RIGHT
No longer shall you suffer
You have now become the light
The time has come for the cross
Has been bore, it is blasphemous
To have idolatry of a dead man's
Cross around your temple door
The heart is powerful, the devil is real
But JaH is the creator
And then there is no in between

Into the pit you go
Dash him down Michael
Grab the chains and bound
The serpent satan in shackles
Give him his due
His harvest of souls
For they have faced their
Judgement and verdicts once more
For eternity they will live
Repeating heartbreak cycles
Destroying each other
Until they take life of all disciples
Then all is said and done
Their guilt will come in
JaH has strike them down with lightning
Only he can make you rise
For on your knees he will put you
For Nobody Bigger Than JaH
We make sure to say it times 2
The pied piper
Has piped his prizes
Into the pit
As they blindly follow
And there is no stopping this
Revelations has come
Has gone
And come again
Now Genesis 2.0 is
The new beginning
The devil is gone
That ole serpent called satan
Signed and sealed into the pit
By the protector of the beacon

Light conquers evil
Every single day but
Evil manipulates the frequency waves
So turn off your TV
Put down the phones
Finish listening to this
And then go outdoors
Give thanks to God
The Most High
Give thanks for life and everything
Resolve the discourse
Remove the evil
Live in love and peace
Yet holding accountability with people
In kindness
In love
In truths and rights
Different crimes deserve different strikes
JaH is slow to anger and he will forgive when presented truth
For he already knows
What lay beneath, the root
Let JaH be praised and his
Enemies have been scattered
Into the pit of eternal damnation
The devil is retired
1000 Years to go and we do it again
Allow the euphoric dream to start
To truly commence
Let go of your ego
Your judgement
Your lies
Come to truthful reasoning of why
Get to the root
Get to the cause
And see what to do
And JaH will applause
He is the greatest comedian
Find humour in your pain
Find love of forgiveness
And find passion inside
No more crosses
No more pain
No more death
Nor desire
All is cleansed by the water of
The Most High YaH


from Time Has Come, released April 9, 2021
Lyrics: Keegan Bruce Galt
Music: Jesse Stephen Redden


all rights reserved



Official Lion of JudaH

Through biblical times to the days of now. The Lion of JudaH has stood for the foundation of righteousness to the true IsraElites and all of humanity.

The message is simple.

Live with the highest of intentions, cleanest of heart and purest of thought. Life would be but a walk in the park. Follow the commandments and do not stray, for JaH never sleeps, nor does the serpent, same way.
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